Marcia Clark: Guilt by Association

Marcia Clark photo

Photo by Claudia Kunin

Marcia Clark, the lead prosecutor for the O.J. Simpson trial, has delivered an entertaining debut legal thriller featuring a spirited female district attorney. Clark’s heroine, Rachel Knight, works hard and plays hard — she surreptitiously pursues bad guys and keeps a bottle of Glenlivet in her desk. Knight’s particular combination of toughness and braininess will remind you of that other famous female prosecutor from the 90s.  Here’s what Clark told me in an interview for Los Angeles magazine about her main character:

“Her flaws are mine – the good parts are hers. She’s impatient and she’s impulsive and head strong and stubborn, and sometimes insubordinate because what she wants to do is the right thing, whether or not it’s the approved thing. She gets in trouble for sticking up for things that she believes in, fighting for cases that she shouldn’t, but she can’t keep her hands off. I think of her as the stronger, prettier, smarter, younger version of me.”

Read my Author Spotlight with Marcia Clark and my review of Guilt by Association on Or download a pdf of the review & interview from the April 2011 issue of Los Angeles magazine here: Q&A.2011.04.Clark

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