Ted Danson: Oceana

Photo by Kate Danson

In the middle of his wildly successful run on Cheers, Ted Danson started wondering how to make it all worthwhile, and he happened to look out at the ocean beyond his Santa Monica home. Since that time, Danson has become one of the world’s most influential oceanic activists. In 1987 he co-founded American Oceans Campaign with his friend, Robert Sulnick, an environmental lawyer. In 2001, his group merged with several others to form the global marine organization, Oceana. In Danson’s beautifully-designed new volume, Oceana (Rodale), the actor discusses his journey into the environmental cause and also shares the stage with a multitude of scientists and activists to present a startling argument for the importance of cleaning up our act.

Read my Author Spotlight on Ted Danson on LAmag.com. Danson’s book Oceana is on my March Reading List on LAmag.com.

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