Meg Howrey: Blind Sight

Blind SightHere’s my review of Meg Howrey’s Blind Sight (Pantheon):

This review originally appeared in the March 2011 issue of Los Angeles magazine.

Vision is a faulty faculty — our brains gloss over gaps to make sense of the world. Or as 17-year-old Luke Prescott puts it, “[W]e have to tell ourselves lies just to stay on our feet.” The main character of Meg Howrey’s debut novel, Prescott has been raised by his New Age mother in Delaware. After a glamorous summer spent in L.A. with his long-lost father (who happens to be a TV star), Prescott returns home to a jealous mom, who drops a bombshell that leaves his world in shards. Howrey’s past as a ballet dancer shows in her graceful prose, which nimbly alternates between points of view. //W.W.

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